Sasa Deskovic

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Alga travel agency

Alga travel agency / Zagreb 2010

Alga travel agency

City of Split

Cool-tura / Zagreb 2009


Split multiculture week event. A vast number of street musicians and all kinds of artists performing in the open.

Curri-cool-um / Zagreb 2016


Croatian designers expressed their support for the Curricular reform of the educational system. In Croatian UM means MIND.

Easy dental team - dentistry

Easy dental team / Rijeka 2013

Easy dental team

C.I.Z.E. Croatia

Green energy competence center / Zagreb 2015

Green energy competence center

Horvat varpol - ironworks & special welding

Horvat varpol / Zagreb 2010

Horvat varpol

No Stress mountain bike club Split

No Stress MTB Club / Split 2015

No Stress MTB Club

ST in STress is abb. for the city Split

M+ Agency

Instant TV / Zagreb 2011

Instant TV


iQpon / Zagreb 2011


Intermedia komunikacije - advertising agency

Intermedia communication / Zagreb 2007

Intermedia communication

Manufacturer of designer products for home & garden

Klara gardening / Zagreb 2014

Klara gardening

Rakov potok municipality, people united

Rakov potok municipality / Zagreb 2008

Rakov potok municipality

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Emmezeta OOH image campaigns / Zagreb 2011

Emmezeta OOH image campaigns

Instant TV

Instant TV / Zagreb 2010

Instant TV

City Center One

City Center One / Zagreb 2012

City Center One


Belupo Herplex / Zagreb 2009

Belupo Herplex


Encian superjuices / Zagreb 2010

Encian superjuices

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Savjetura business counseling firm

Savjetura 1 / Zagreb 2012

Savjetura 1

Savjetura - business counseling firm from Zagreb. Did some promotional visuals introducing them to the market. They include both graphic part and copywrite.

Savjetura business counseling firm

Savjetura 2 / Zagreb 2012

Savjetura 2

Savjetura - business counseling firm from Zagreb. Did some promotional visuals introducing them to the market. They include both graphic part and the copywrite.

Garden Mall

Garden Mall / Zagreb 2012

Garden Mall

Oliver Dragojevic

Oliver Dragojevic / Zagreb 2010

Oliver Dragojevic

Anamaria coffee

Anamaria coffee / Zagreb 2007

Anamaria coffee

Erste bank

Erste quick cash loans / Zagreb 2006

Erste quick cash loans

Erste bank

Erste housing loans / Zagreb 2005

Erste housing loans

Erste bank

Erste cash loans / Zagreb 2008

Erste cash loans

Erste bank

Erste image campaign / Zagreb 2006

Erste image campaign

Erste bank

Erste your real estate partner / Zagreb 2006

Erste your real estate partner

Erste bank

Erste mBanking / Zagreb 2006

Erste mBanking

Erste bank

Erste new year's present / Zagreb 2005

Erste new year's present

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Tomi pet food

Pet food branding / Zagreb 2015

Pet food branding


Country chef game concept / Zagreb 2015

Country chef game concept

In 2015 Nanobit has been pitching a new Art Lead. I came up with some sweet stuff and came through the selection process as a winner!


Shopping people icons / Zagreb 2012

Shopping people icons

Erste bank

Erste newlyweds cake / Zagreb 2008


Emmezeta Emma&Zeta micro page / Zagreb 2012

Emmezeta Emma&Zeta micro page

Komedija theatre

Komedija theatre Gubec Beg rock opera visual / Zagreb 2013

Komedija theatre Gubec Beg rock opera visual

Elle epoce

Elle epoce logo design concept / Zurich 2015

Elle epoce logo design concept


Danone Activia web site / Zagreb 2009

Danone Activia web site

Buzet brewery

Buzet brewery Favorit beer label / Zagreb 2010

Buzet brewery Favorit beer label


Podravka tortilla chips packaging / Zagreb 2006

Podravka tortilla chips packaging

Klara gardening

Klara gardening innovative home and garden products / Zagreb 2013

Klara gardening innovative home and garden products


Gorenje cook off - live cooking tv show concept / Zagreb 2010

Gorenje cook off - live cooking tv show concept

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Adria grupa facility management
Atlas travel agency
Avenue mall shopping center
City center one shopping mall
Crowe Horwath accounting, consulting, and technology
Danone multinational food-products corp
Diners credit card company
European coastal airlines Croatian seaplane operator
Emmezeta Croatian retail shop chain
Erste bank
Family service
Garden mall shopping center
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Hi! I am Saša.

SasaFor the past 16 years I have been turning creative briefs into creative products which have evolved from simple logos, bussines cards and graphic layout of magazines, through the creation of ads and designing of visual identities, all the way to complete development of complex ad campaigns - from concepts to final products - TV and radio commercials. There are also other types of creative products ranging from packaging and product design to organisation and production of media (TV + radio), music and promotional events. Currently, numerous both local and global brands use my creative solutions some of which are also enriched by my copywrite.


For 7 years I was running and developing a creative team of 10, brainstorming and delivering unique and brave ideas with a clear vision of client's goals, untangling their issues and defining a plan moving forward.
I like to think of myself as a talented creative who loves to come up with ideas and concepts that span a vast array of communications. I have a huge experience in coming up with ideas and concepts that work globally. Also, I am able to act independently and have the experience to take projects through to completion.


A proactive team player with a positive, can-do attitude. I find it easy to explain a vendor's brief, provide project overviews that encompass all campaign assets for team alignment and approval. I am self motivated and passionate about creating design and ideas that work. I can deliver work with a high level of accuracy with minimal revisions, and also able to communicate effectively with others in the organisation to understand their needs and suggest creative content, design ideas and solutions.


I am good in visualisation and design skills with the ability to express and illustrate ideas at all levels, experienced across both B2B and B2C. Creative and inspiring but relevant and appropriate in approach, I am able to work in a responsive and dynamic environment and to deliver work to deadlines. For me it is not a problem to communicate and rationalise ideas: creative, commercial and trend aware. I have a remarkable leverage in Photoshop and Illustrator (Mac-based computer software) to cope with layout (graphic and text) revisions and artwork creation. I am also experienced with prepress procedures and file preparation.

Hrvatska posta

Market Communications Specialist
Croatian Post
October 2015 - Present
Jurišićeva 13 // Zagreb


Art Lead
April 2015 - August 2015 (5 months)
Radnička cesta 39A // Zagreb

Klara Gardening

Chief Creative Officer
Klara Gardening
January 2014 - April 2015 (1 year 4 months)
Jaruščica 9d // Zagreb

Ictinus grupa

Creative Director
Ictinus grupa
February 2009 - January 2014 (5 years)
Jaruščica 9D // Zagreb
(Lidl, Emmezeta, Technomarket, Oliver Dragojevic (Croatian singer), Stanleybet sportsbetting, Weltplast, Lipovica, Primeros condoms, Varta batteries, CRUP/Platina (EBRD projects))

New Moment NIC Young & Rubicam Brands

Art Director New Moment NIC Young & Rubicam Brands July 2006 - February 2009 (2 years 8 months) Bunićeva 21 // Zagreb (Erste Bank, Diners, Danone, Philip Morris, HBO Croatia)

Young & Rubicam Group

Art Director
Young & Rubicam Group
March 2004 - June 2006 (2 years 4 months)
Lašćinska cesta 97 // Zagreb
(Erste Bank, Danone, Philip Morris, Belupo, Holcim, L’ Erbolario, Podravka (snacks), SONY)

Iskon Internet d.d.

Iskon Internet d.d.
May 2003 - February 2004 (10 months)
Garićgradska 18 // Zagreb
(in-house designer (ATL/BTL))

Momentum Worldwide

Momentum Worldwide
August 2001 - May 2003 (1 year 10 months)
Heinzelova 33 // Zagreb
(Diners Exclusive, Bacardi, Stella Artois, L’Oreal, Siemens, Canadian Embassy, Atlas, Ozujsko (Croatian beer brand))

2020 we work together
2011 son
2007 daughter
2005 married
2003 first serious bike
2001 graduation
1999 dean’s award
1995 college
1990 highschool
1982 primary school
1976 born

Creative direction


Graphic design


Brand developement


Art direction


Photo manipulation


Concept development


Corporate identity




Visual communication








We can discuss our cooperation in any way you feel most comfortable! Send me an e-mail, drop me a note on Skype, or simply call me if you feel like it.